August 2016
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18th June - 18th August theatre

From 23rd June to 25th August cinema under the stars

2/07 to 18/09 Lego exhibition and creative workshops for children

Wednesday 3rd August literary readings

Friday 5th August a sea... of games

6th and 7th August cinema under the stars

6th and 7th August international athletics meeting u20 and u23

Wednesday 10th August at 10pm concert

Thursday 11th August 8pm piazza Matteotti safety on the road campaign

From 13th to 15th August Caorle Summer Festival

12th-15th and 19th-21st August country fair

Saturday 20th August burraco tournament at 8 pm

Ice-cream tasting and presentation of a book

25-28 August fish festival

26-28 August  poetry readings

Sunday 27th August Jazz Concert at 9pm

Saturday 27th August live concert

Sunday 28th August beach tennis tournament

Sunday 28th August sailing race



The Cathedral

The Cathedral

In the heart of Caorle, in Piazza dell’Arcivescovado, visit the largest Romanesque...
The Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel

Where land meets sea, there stands the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
Excursions to Venice

Excursions to Venice

Venice is one of the most famous cities in the world: get information on how to re...
Docks and Marinas

Docks and Marinas

Modern mooring and high quality services: come to Caorle with your boat!
Aquafollie - The Water Park

Aquafollie - The Water Park

A short walk from the historical centre of Caorle, Aquafollie is a fun water oasis...
Guided bicycle tours - From Sand To Rocks

Guided bicycle tours - From Sand To Rocks

Do you want to discover the beauty of Caorle and neighbouring areas on your bike? ...



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