A historical centre full of streets, little squares and houses painted in bright colours, the blue sea gently lapping the golden coastline and a green lagoon full of life and traditions: over the centuries, because of these wonderful similarities, Caorle has been nicknamed "The miniature Venice"! By studying its history more carefully, though, you realize that the territory of Caorle and its hinterland have origins that are much more ancient than those of the ancient maritime republic and that they have experienced periods of great artistic prosperity.

With nearly two millennia behind them, from the strategic importance during the Roman Empire to the flourishing stages in close contact with the Most Serene Republic, Caorle and the neighbouring area of Portogruaro are jealous custodians of the many legacies of the ancient civilizations, becoming the “important testimony” of their greatness and magnificence.

These days the Adriatic coast is known and appreciated by visitors for the proverbial quality of its beaches and the high level of modern accommodation. In addition to this, Caorle excels and stands out because of the characteristic natural beauty of the surrounding landscape and the particular richness of its artistic and cultural heritage. From the coast to the inner territories, from the sea to the land which the writer Ernest Hemingway fell in love with, you will find many memories of times past, such as the bridges and the old roads that were the flagship of one of the greatest Empires of human history, or even magnificent cathedrals and solid basilicas that have survived centuries of wars and conflicts.

Visit the Cathedral of Caorle and the Cathedral of Concordia and discover the beautiful abbeys of Summaga and Sesto Al Reghena: check out the list below and see how many wonders you can see in the short radius of just 30 kilometres!



A stone's throw from the sea, discover the magnificent splendour of "Venice in min...



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