The Casoni

Scattered throughout the Caorle lagoon and still jealously preserved, the Casoni are characteristic dwellings that, in past centuries, were used by fishermen and hunters as a base for their activities. Immersed in the lush vegetation and the only symbol of human presence in the lagoon, the Casoni are the place where the fascinating experience of past generations can be relived, by contemplating the red sunset over the lagoon or enjoying a tasty plate of freshly caught local fish.

Similar to reed huts and composed of materials easy to find in the surrounding area, these buildings have a simple but extremely functional architecture: the plant is elliptical, with sloping walls to form the eaves, while the floor is obtained from simple clay; the entrance, recessed in relation to the profile of the wall, is located at one of the two ends and is characterized by the presence of partition walls and a board door, while on the sides there are small low windows.

Just like their outside appearance, the inside of the Casoni is very rustic and picturesque: the single room is dominated by a large central brick fireplace, used to cook food and heat the room; the peculiarity of these houses is the absence of a chimney, so that the smoke could escape only by filtering through the intersection of the sloping reed roofs and dry the property at the same time in case of rain. The walls are occupied by work tools, while the bedding used by the fishermen to rest is placed on the opposite side from the entrance.

These days, the Casoni are mostly owned by private owners, who are responsible for their preservation and often use them as a venue for beautiful banquets and exclusive parties, while only a minority of these structures is used for its original purpose. Contemplating these special homes however, constitutes an important experience in order to understand the link between man and the lagoon territory; in fact, there are many guided tours that allow visitors to explore the banks of the lagoon’s great river beds, the river valleys or the higher island outcrops in search of these magnificent constructions!



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